Do I Need A Property Manager?

Yes and no. As an owner/investor you can obviously manage your own property. It looks easy until you get into it and have to deal with everyday issues. We can save you time, money and headache.

What does a property manager do for tenants?

Happy tenant translates to a well-maintained property and a steady income for the owner.  Tenants pay rent and want the property to be in good condition and everything working. A property manager should make it easy for the tenant to pay rent using technology and make sure that tenant have access to a 24/7 emergency maintenance app to report if anything breaks down.

Tenants should also have a choice to use old, traditional methods to pay rent such as cash and check if they are not comfortable with technology. We try to allocate time to train all tenants with the technology but if at the end of the day they are still more comfortable with traditional ways, we respect that and go with it (rarely the case).

What does a property manager do for owners?

Communication, transparency, expertise and again communication.

Owner wants to be paid and s/he wants to make sure his/her most important investment is well-maintained. Owner/investors also don’t want to be without tenants.

In order to do this the property manager should facilitate payment and be able to direct deposit the rent into owner account, make sure that the tenant has access to 24/7 emergency maintenance service, provide the owner/investor with inspections.

An exceptional property manager should make sure the owner is not left in the rain and always has good tenants.

What services does Extramile provide?

We provide our clients with I - full-service property management, fully automated II - leasing services, III - Care-taking, IV - Relocation Services, -Short term lease/Airbnb management and VI -Discount utilities.

I - Full-service property management- fully automated

  • Direct deposit of rent,
  • Four (4) free inspections,
  • 60-day notice (to make sure owners are not left in the rain and always have tenants,
  • Annual rental research and report to help the owner update the rent.
  • 24/7 emergency maintenance app
  • Financial statements online
  • Communication and dispute resolution with the tenants
  • Maintenance (we provide our clients with handyman service for smaller issues and our affiliate project management company

II- Leasing service:

  • Free rental analysis (very detailed with researched comps)
  • Free 360 virtual tour/video/professional pictures (A service usually reserved only for the sale of luxury properties)
  • Setting appointments for showings and communicating with all potential tenants
  • Attending showings and answering all questions potential tenants might have
  • Application process/Screening-All high-tech and online – (Credit report, criminal record, eviction report, pay-stubs and financial statements)
  • Lease- We use CAR forms and make sure the lease is drafted carefully and with care and detail.
  • Walk in-inspection
  • The owner pays nothing until we find him/her a qualified tenant

III- Care-taking

The owner is out of town and there is no tenant, we do what the owner does when s/he is at the property (Check mail, water plants, take care of maintenance as needed, clean as needed, and do anything that the owner instructs) There is a minimum of one visit per week to make sure the property is in top shape.

IV- Relocation

  • We help tenants find property they want
  • We research the websites and use our off-market sources (we get daily leads of owners that want to list their property)
  • We negotiate on behalf of the tenants to get the best deals
  • We can rent a spacious property and with the permission of the owner we can partition it to create separate rooms as necessary

V- Short-term/ Airbnb Rentals

  • We provide full-service short-term rental/Airbnb service
  • This service usually is used with our care-taking service for when the property is vacant to make sure the property is well-maintained
  • Free professional photos/videos/360 tours
  • Aggressive marketing
  • Cleaning and maintenance (charged separately)

VI- Discount utilities

We provide our tenants with services even after they move in. We provide them with great savings on bundles and packages that they need after they move in. the discount include but are not limited to :

  • Gas & electricity
  • High-speed internet
  • Television
  • Wireless
  • Security and automation
  • Home phone

A live person is assigned to the tenants to help them find the best services and save big.

How do you make sure that the property is not vacant?

We contact the owner and the tenant 60 days before the lease is over to know about their decision. This way we have enough time to market the property and find a qualified tenant

Do I have to pay for the inspections?

There are four free inspections with our full management service.

  • When we take over
  • Annual inspection
  • Tenant move-in
  • Tenant move-out
Does the leasing service also include an inspection?

Yes. But the leasing service only includes the move-in inspection.

What happens if I decide not to continue with your company’s property management?

There is no penalty for not continuing with us. If our management services is not good and we do not provide you with the service you deserve we lose your business.  We must provide you with great service. Period.

Do you evict the tenants when needed?

We do not provide you with legal services but we can refer you to attorneys that can provide you with superb service

Do you also market and sell the property or do I need my own agent?

We provide you with the exceptional service also when it comes to selling your property as well. You do not need to share your information about your property with anyone else or work with an agent that needs to start understanding you needs and property. You already have seen how we work. We have a relationship and we know your property and your needs better than anyone. Selling with us simply makes sense. In addition, we can bring tax advantages to the table that other agents do not use (getting cash in closing for capital gains tax). The owner/founder has a law background, we have a construction company that can give you the best estimates if you need to upgrade and sell, and we will provide you with free, quality videos / 360 virtual tours and …. To make sure you get the best marketing. In addition, we provide you with a detailed CMA, free of charge. You save money on taxes, you get the best marketing, great communication, legal background and knowledge with real estate experience. You simply get everything and you do not need to trust us again. We have already gained your trust.

Why Extramile, what makes you different?
  • Best management service (Accounting, maintenance and tenant relations for the price)
  • Fully automated
  • Free video/360 virtual tour/professional pictures (Services usually reserved for sale of luxury properties)
  • Detailed lease
  • Best communication in business. We always answer our calls and if for some reason we cannot answer you right away, we will surely get back to you in an hour- (Guaranteed).
  • Legal background of the Founder/owner and his meticulous supervision
  • Providing clients with great estimates when it comes to project management
  • Timely maintenance service with great price
I have more than two units. Do I get a special deal?

Any owner/investor with more than two properties gets a one percent discount (investor special) for full management service package.

2- Why do property managers charge differently for managing condos and single-family properties?

This is a million-dollar question that we as property managers do not know the answer to. We are here to raise the bar and hopefully we can either find an answer to that question or set the standard and have other property managers have a simple set price for managing residential properties.